Recruiting Film

Recruiting Film

Nowadays, the use of recruiting films has become an inherent part of modern employer branding. Young persons in particular can be easily reached by moving image content via social media, job fairs and community platforms. This way, they can get a feeling for your company beforehand. Make your company come alive and desirable for potential employees.

VR application for recruiting fair

Our virtual round trip through the halls of SMS group show how everyday working life looks like at the plant manufacturer SMS group. Trainees talk about their profession and give insights about the construction of components for metallurgy and rolling mills. If you have a VR glasses, you can experience an even more immersive tour.

Our cooperation partner for your employer attractiveness

Increase your employer attractiveness in a profound and sustainable way - without much effort on your part, without frictional losses, modern and fit for the future. Due to tight bonds between energy and development, TOUGHSTAFF Personalberatung GmbH and Bachhausen Visual Production GmbH & Co. KG offer cultural and organisational development, recruiting as well as storytelling and moving images from a single source. We are tangible, pragmatic and precise.

Energie durch Entwicklung

Energy through development

We will holistically accompany you in your development and transformation processes and make you fit for the future. Our main focus will always remain your company culture along with its structure and processes. We will find out together with you and your team who you are and what your organisation stands for.


TOUGHSTAFF Personalberatung GmbH

We will find the right executives and top specialist that match your company culture, DNA, as well as your future challenges and strategy. We will show your company's attractiveness to applicants and will address both the active and the passive recruiting market.