The largest drop-forging press in the world easy to handle


Otto Fuchs has commissioned the largest substructure-mounted forging press in the world at his subsidiary Weber Metals in California. 80% of the gigantic facility are underfloor. In order to experience this giant in all dimensions, we have looked for current 3D interfacces in the web.

The challenge was pressing millions of polygons from the construction data of this 60,000 metric ton machine into a size suitable for online interactions. The experience is rounded off by 360° videos we have created on site as well as suitable sound.

You can move the camera around the facility with the left mouse button and move the camera up and down using the right mouse button. One click on the rotating rhombuses will start a video. With the button on the lower left screen, you can enjoy all of it in fullscreen.

HTML, CSS, Javascript, BabylonJS