Nothing for couch potatoes


We have designed an interactive experience as an overall product. Users move through the application at their own pace and can browse at their personal pleasure. The fusion out of film, audio, texts, and user-controlled events retains interest and transfers your message.

Realtime 3D, Virtual Reality representations or web-based HTML applications. Use the new smart or immersive technologies for a modern way of communication.

Realtime 3D Application

No other type of presentation offers this kind of immersion and joy when exploring, because there are almost no limits anymore and users can move freely through interactive realtime visualisations.

The technical background is provided by 3D renderings on the basis of realtime rendering engines such as Unity or Babylon or Three. Here, 3D models are converted into photorealistic 2D images practically instantaneous. Virtual walkthroughs in architecture, games, visualisation of product prototypes, or virtual configurators for vehicles - the applications are versatile and they are enjoying increasing popularity in communication.

Interactive Product Portfolio

Interactive applications based on HTML programming are the ideal tools to join together all information e.g. about a product programme. Information specific to situation or target groups can be retrieved during client presentations or sales pitches, whether from film, 3D animation, leaflets or texts.

Film Menu with Gimmicks: Big River Steel

We have accompanied the development of the Big River Steel plant complex. From the first clearing of the area to errecting buildings and facilities up to the first coils that leave the factory. In order to make this great project more tangible, we present the milestones in an interactive timeline.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Whether it is logistics, recruiting, advanced training, research, or user experience - almost all areas of economy feature useful scenarios for using immersive technologies in communication by now.

Our virtual round trip through the halls of SMS group show how everyday working life looks like at the plant manufacturer SMS group. Trainees talk about their profession and give insights about the construction of components for metallurgy and rolling mills. If you have a VR glasses, you can experience an even more immersive tour.