Limitless design options

Our 2D or 3D visualisations are ideally suited for your presentation needs for trade fairs, in the internet, or for films. As a still image or animated. In photo-realistic or graphic look. Whether it is architecture, product applications, or complex processes within machines – we visualise complex technical or functional connections in an exciting and informative manner.

3D-visualisation and -animation

Utilise photo-realistic 3D-visualisations for your product presentations for sales and marketing activities.

The world of 3D offers limitless design options and animation makes objects visible that had so far been unimaginable. We visualise your ideas in 3D and communicate your solutions, advantages, products and services in an exciting manner.

First, your product or object is prepared for 3D-animation. We will either use your construction data and plans or model the object anew from scratch. We will then create an individual graphic look matching your corporate design using textures and lighting.

By animating motion, process sequences and tracking shots we will eventually make visualisation come to life. We will coordinate previews with you before rendering, of course. Thanks to our in-house rendering farm, we are able to render even the most complex looks at attractive prices and make them readily available to you.

2D-Information Graphics and Motion-Graphics-Design

Explanatory films, animated films, cutout animation. There are as many names as there are styles of the popular and often comical animated graphic films.

Whether as an information graphic or animated illustration, this type of presentation has been enjoying great popularity for a long time in order to visualise complex processes, applications, or concepts in a simple and memorable way.

We will conceptualise your film just as we would during classic film production, generate voice actor texts for films and add sound using voice-over or develop text overlays that support graphic statements. After developing a look matching your corporation, we will create illustrations and animations. As a finishing touch we will create a fitting sound design with music, sound effects and maybe even scoring using professional voice actors in our recording studio.